Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Female Horse Genitalia


beach of Treasure Cay, is not it like a postcard?

Another blow of heart! TREASURE CAY. But eventually the little corner ... wild side typical of the Bahamas, it is like to live a little more American with an anchorage closer but very well protected, the big marina with all the infrastructure that goes with bar, pool , showers, luxury condos surrounding the marina, a mini mall with a laundry (washing our ladies are the same price as if we did ourselves through a tip, then we encourage local and we take of life while the washing is done) a few shops and a large grocery store with all products that we're used to, what the luxury! We are fortunate to enjoy the services of the marina and all for free.

And the beach? BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, FABULOUS. In 3000 a crescent lies a white sand like flour. The sea with its shades turquoise gives us a vision of a postcard. The guides were right, she is one of the most beautiful beaches we have seen to date. Do not forget that Little San Salvador and the Exumas also have beautiful beaches.

Weather forces, our stay here should be extended until Saturday. As you can see, we're not in misery. Yesterday and today, Sunday, it's a cloudy day with showers here and there, just enough to desalinate Zenith. About 26 degrees. This week's announcement of ENE winds of 20-30 knots for several days. We will use the facilities of the marina, go to the beach if the weather permits and stored in our heads the last visions of the Bahamas because it completes.

you soon ...


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